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Group photo at wedding
This is Cali!

Cali is lovable but lazy (and slightly chubby). She enjoys napping in the sun, curling up with us on the couch, and (occasionally) playing fetch with little toy mice. 

Our Lifestyle

We Love to Travel!


Carrie grew up traveling around the country and took her first international trip at age 11. David's family didn't travel much while he was growing up but it is something that he has always wanted to do.

Since we've been together, we've traveled to ten different states and seven different countries! We enjoy learning about different cultures and the history of the state or country we're visiting. We especially love trying the local food!

We believe the experiences you get by traveling and learning about different cultures contribute to a well-rounded life.  We can't wait to share our love of travel with our child!

Our Home

Our home is in a great, diverse neighborhood filled with kids. Our child will have lots of friends in the neighborhood for play dates. We think it will be a great place to raise our family. Our house has four bedrooms and lots of room for a child and their favorite toys. It also has a great backyard with plenty of room to run around outside. Carrie also hopes to start a small vegetable garden in the spring. 

Two-story house with garage
Our Families

​Carrie's family loves to travel and we regularly meet in different cities for get-togethers and/or holidays. When together with  Carrie's family, we love to go to the movies and play games, like Yahtzee, Uno, and Dominoes. 

Most of David's family lives within 40 miles of the town where he grew up. They have a lot of Italian heritage, so the get-togethers are all about food! David's mother loves to cook big meals for the family and everyone joins together - aunts, uncles, and all the cousins.

Both of our cousins have adopted so we know our families will welcome any child we adopt as another cherished member of the family.

A cat laying down on a carpet
Our immediate families at our wedding